The rules in our community are up-to-date for everyone who uses platforms related to BG-GAMER. Content (post uploads). 1.1 Only and only publications that correspond to our categories are allowed. 1.2 All posts can contain up to 5 letters, characters. 1.3 BG-GAMER has the right to change the size of files that can be uploaded. 1.4 It is not allowed to upload photos, videos that show the nudity of real people, animals. 1.5 NSFW content is only allowed to be uploaded if it fits the appropriate category, it must be labeled "Not Safe For Work". If you do not have a "Premium" subscription, you will not be able to use the NSFW option. 1.6 Our team reserves the right to delete your post if it violates our rules. 1.7 After the post is successfully uploaded, it will not be visible immediately, it must first go through verification by our team. After successful posting, you will receive a certain number of points which are saved in your profile. 1.8 Posts that do not have a picture (thumbnail) cannot be published. 1.9 Posts must be written in Bulgarian or English. All others will be automatically removed! 1.10 Advertising on other sites, organizations without permission from our team is prohibited. Penalties for this type of deed are punishable by a permanent ban. 1.11 It is allowed to upload clips that are not hosted by BG-GAMER. These videos can be uploaded from social networks like (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VK and others). Sharing of streaming videos such as Twitch, Mixer and others is allowed. Comments. 2.1 Every single user and guest has the right to comment on a publication. Abusive or sexual content is not tolerated and will be immediately reported as spam. 2.2 Our guests go through SPAM & BOT protection when trying to comment on a post. All comments must first be reviewed by a moderator or spam protection before being visible to all other visitors to our site. 2.3 Comments that contain links to other sites will be automatically removed. Our protection takes care of the security and content of the comments. 2.4 Comments that are not written in Bulgarian or English will be automatically removed from our protection. 2.5 Comments must contain at least one sentence to appear in the review system. Profiles. 3.1 Each user has his own, unique profile. By default, your avatar and cover will be with materials that our team has decided are appropriate. 3.2 Our community reserves the right to change the maximum upload memory requirements (you may find that you cannot upload large images as before). 3.3 Profile content (name, avatar, cover, description) must not be offensive, provocative or depict violence, nudity. 3.4 At each attempt to change the profile content, the user (you) will be required to enter your password to successfully confirm your changes. 4.5 Advertising of gaming Stream gamers is allowed. Forum. - The rules for publication are the same, please observe item 1 para. 1.1 and keep in mind for para. 1.6 and para. 2.3. Advertising. – BG-GAMER reserves the right to delete, change, edit the content of advertisements. - Our ads are random, you may see ads that you don't like. – Our site does not serve adult advertisements. – If you wish to advertise your site, business, product, please contact us! Giveaways - Our team reserves the right to edit, suspend, restore, return the prizes we provide only and only in case of violation of any of the mentioned rules. – The winner has 5 working days to claim their prize, otherwise, the prize will be awarded to the second person or reserved for the next raffle. – To participate in our raffle, you must have an account on our site. – In case of failure to follow the described steps to participate, the user automatically loses % of possible profit. – The more active users are, the greater the chance they will win the prize from our raffle.
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